Every company has a particular service that is their secret pride and joy, and at Little Guy Designs, we get ecstatic about our premium business card. We are proud to offer the most-cutting edge technology available, including but not limited to: spot UV, silk finish, suede finish, metallic and non-metallic foils, embossing and debossing, letterpress, die cuts, laser cuts, colored edges, and even engraving on our harder materials. What's more, we're not limited to business cards: we can provide these services on any sized collateral.

Nifty features make for nifty prints, but the most important part of the card is the design. Design for a premium card is not the same as design for a standard one, and we're here to make sure you get the most for your money.

As a bonus, all our premium card orders come with a free matching set of standard 16pt business cards. That way, you can pick and choose which clients get your best side.

As if premium print and design options wasn't enough, Little Guy Designs has another ace up their sleeve: one-of-a-kind materials. Why print on a standard 16 point card when you can print on a 48 point card? Why settle for paper at all? Why not print on bamboo, wood, kraft, or even cork stock? Or better yet, go all out with the Little Guy Designs pride and joy: metal, carbon fiber, and glass cards.

The latest and greatest, these cards are by far the most impressive and striking item we can provide. They come standard in a variety of metal types, weights, and colors, and with a cutting edge design, they will leave a lasting impression.

For the client with even greater needs, we can take you right to the top: precious gold and silver. Primarily used as a trophy or commemorative gift of the highest quality, the card comes in various qualities of sterling silver and solid gold. Make the statement only precious metal can, when you need it the most.

Think premium is your next direction? Reach out to us today to schedule a meeting!

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