We love the internet. We love it so much, we want to help you bring your version of it to the world. Even more than print, there are many variables that need to be accounted for when designing for the web. Creativity and style are always important, but the most successful sites in the world are the most useful, which will be our first priority for yours.

We're experts in the WordPress and Joomla! content management systems, and creating something as simple as a blog or as advanced as an e-commerce site is within our capabilities. Our sites come with the latest in functionality, and we also provide domain procurement and hosting services as well.

Sometimes all you want is a Facebook ad that works. We have extensive experience in all manner of digital designs, including Facebook, YouTube and other social media profiles, ads of all shapes and sizes, digital invitations for events, icons for various sub-sections of websites, and much more.

Do you have consistent digital design needs? Little Guy Designs offers design contracts at a fraction of our retail cost, and once our designers have a feel for your company branding and digital goals, we'll help raise your company to new digital heights. Reach out to us for more information.

E-blasts are a cost-efficient way to market to your clients, and done properly, can be very effective. The designers at Little Guy Designs have extensive experience designing and coding for email marketing from start to finish. We'll help you create the most effective look to ensure your clients actually read your emails, and work with you on your subject lines to increase their open rate.

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